Nabin Kandel

Real Estate Sales Manager
I have a history of successful guidance of local and Nepalese community clients. I specialize in applying my expertise and market knowledge to real estate industry that has consistently exceeded the expectation and requirements of clients. I incorporate integrity, energy, hard work and customized service in every detail of real estate transaction. My knowledge is rooted in service sector for over a decade representing buyers, sellers, investors and financials in both residential and commercial market. I am a person who brings life and energy in office and at home. I am a family man devoted to my beautiful wife and two children. My level of devotion is reflected in my work. I continually strive to become the best in the field by getting trained and inspired by some of the industry bests like Dale Carnegie and Tom Hopkins. Lastly, I am a firm believer in giving back and really passionate about working with you and for you.

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